Free font: »Abraxas«

Get here your free copy of the Abraxas free font. Made with love from me – use it for all purposes you can imagine. Have fun and show me your work!

Here's the link to download: FREE DOWNLOAD ABRAXAS FONT

 The scribbles for the font were made with japanese ink on simple office paper. I designed this font because I often searched for some glyphs with this special "Arabic/Pirate"-style that doesn't look too cheesy. I didn't find much, so I decided to design the font by myself. I used some Japanese inkstick and an old Edding calligraphy pen as brush to get this special look. If you are using this font: I really appreciate feedback! So wither you like this font or not, please tell me so I can improve my work. (And when you ask nicely: I'm thinking about a bold and an italic style, I just need a little hint into the right direction. :) ) 

Free font: »Anilin« – How many anchors can you handle?

It's quite interesting that all tutorials of font design advise you to keep the number of anchors of each glyph so small as possible. Although I absolutely understand why this advise is given (e.g. because of cutting limitations) I just tried what happens, when you "overload" a font with anchors. 

Anilin – the font experiment

 To be honest: Nothing. Nothing really mentionable happens. Most of the desktop publishing software can handle the font quite well. The font (its name is "Anilin" is roughly based on my own handwriting. I did the first sketches with a broken pencil and I liked the look. 

 If you want to test it on you own: Give it a try and download it here: Anilin Free Font

 The font is free – you can do the hell you want to do with it. When you want to use it for a commercial project – go for it! But please remember my only wish: SEND ME SCREENSHOTS! Although this font was a total experiment: I want to improve my work. So tell me what you did with Anilin and what could be improved or what was missing. You find my e-Mail here: info(at)

Free font: »Amboss« – The font for the hard dudes

This was my very first font. Back then I created the family using FontLab. Actually this font is definitely not my best work, but I think it's important to remember the roots.

Actually I use this font from time to time. Its aesthetics are quite heavy, strong and, yeah, manly. It has a quite rough character mixed with a very constructed look. It is perfect for headlines, heavy metal band logos and typography on trucks. 

The font is absolutely free: Use it in every kind of project you can imagine. Make something awesome!!!

Follow this download link to your free copy of Amboss free font: Download Amboss Font